Procurement & Provisioning

Need to equip your team with new or used devices? Hybr1d will take care of device procurement, supply, delivery, setup, and more!

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Let Hybr1d Handle the Logistics

Procuring devices for your team can be a pain. With Hybr1d, you can easily choose and send new or repurposed devices to your team without having to deal with suppliers, handle logistics, or manage repairs.

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Hybr1d makes procurement easy! All you have to do is submit a request to our team. Once submitted, we’ll handle vendor communication, order placement, delivery, device setup, and more.

Not sure which devices to get? Our team can give you recommendations with options that fit your budget, brand, and functionality preferences.

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Want to repurpose an existing device? We can take care of device imaging and re-imaging using our MDM software. You can customize profiles at the department level to ensure that all devices are set up with the standardized software and credentials for each team member.

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Quick and easy request process

Simply submit an on/offboarding request and our team will take care of managing the device(s) associated with the team member – whether it be onboarding or offboarding tasks.

If you need replacement devices or accessories, you can email our team and we’ll replace the device or accessory upon approval.

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Our Partners

We want you to be able to give your team the equipment and devices that they deserve. This means that we partner with premium brands and suppliers who stock the latest models to ensure that your team is perfectly equipped to work to the best of their ability. This also means we can handle all delivery and shipping issues while still offering competitive rates.

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