Let Hybr1d Partner with Your IT Team

We’ll take care of the admin tasks so your team can focus on your strategic business goals and priorities.

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Put Your Team Back in the Driver’s Seat

Sometimes, it’s the small tasks that hold your team back. We want to give your team their time back by taking over the tedious tasks so you can focus on the more important ones.

Hand over lower-level tasks

Instead of resetting your team member’s password for the nth time, tell them to “Chat Hybr1d”. Our team of IT pros can handle all support requests and issues while still giving you full visibility.

Hybr1d’s Real-time IT Support includes:

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    Accessibility where teams already work (Slack, Google or Microsoft Teams)

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    10-minute (or less) initial response rate

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    Dashboard visibility into request volume and type

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Streamline your onboarding and offboarding processes

Processing requests can take hours of your time. Let our team of professionals accomplish these tedious tasks. All you have to do is set parameters for devices, applications, etc.

Hybr1d will take care of:

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    Procurement and provisioning/de-provisioning of your devices

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    Management of app and software credentials

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    File handling and cloud storage access

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Get support for strategic projects

Need help with one-time projects? Hybr1d can help you from project discovery and scope of work to project management and execution. We’ll assign a Project Manager to you who will help source the best partners and handle the conversations for you.

You can partner with Hybr1d for:

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    Office moves

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    Network upgrades, build-outs, and modifications

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    Supported identify management platforms

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    Conferencing and hardware installation

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    Small onsite projects (exp. running cables)

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An elite team of IT experts at your disposal

Hybr1d’s team of experts is ready to help you with any issue. We have customer success, service desk, and professional services teams who are all on call to provide support. We also partner with best-in-industry technology providers to provide you with outstanding remote support, including:

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    Ultra-fast response time for requests

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    Remote troubleshooting

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    Visibility of your IT infrastructure (request history and status, device inventory, etc.)

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Want to make IT easy?