Your HR Team’s IT Savior

Don’t bother your HR team with IT tasks. Let Hybr1d do the work for you!

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Focus on People and Less on Operations

Let your HR team focus on the people in your company and let Hybr1d take care of the operational IT tasks. Our team will:

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    Take care of onboarding and offboarding requests

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    Provide employees with devices, tools, and apps

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    Manage credentials, policies, and more

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Simplified onboarding and offboarding

Hybr1d’s platform allows you to submit your onboarding and offboarding requests within minutes! Once submitted, Hybr1d will take care of the rest.

Hybr1d’s Employee Onboarding/Offboarding solution includes:

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    Device provisioning/de-provisioning and procurement

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    Application, software, and file access

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    Credential management

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Easy procurement and provisioning

Hybr1d can also provide your team with devices and take care of delivery, shipping, and logistics.

Hybr1d’s Procurement & Provisioning solution includes:

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    Placing device and accessory orders on your behalf

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    Provisioning or de-provisioning of devices

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    Shipping of devices to local and remote employees

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    Managing device requests

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Centralized tracking and management

Hybr1d’s platform offers 24/7 visibility into all aspects of your IT environment. You can also allow other admins to access, edit, and manage as well.

These include:

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    The status of open onboarding and offboarding requests

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    A full audit trail of onboarding and offboarding requests

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    Department-level details around access to email aliases, files, and applications

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Want to make IT easy?